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October 16-19, 2014

Hyatt Dulles
2300 Dulles Corner Boulevard
Herndon, VA 20171

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Hans Evers

Hans Evers
Among his experiences and findings he published 10 books, e.g. the "Mergus Catfish Atlas" together with his good friend Ingo Seidel and the "Identification Guide to Corydoradinae Catfishes" with Ian Fuller, and worldwide more than ... more >

Jools Dignall

Julian Dignall
The man behind, the world’s largest resource for catfish fans, has been keeping catfish all of his life. He’s travelled habitats in South America, Southern Africa and India. He frequently writes, talks and photographs all things catfish ... more >

Birger Kamprath

Birger Kamprath
Birger has been keeping fish of one form or another since the age of ten. Forty-three years later this childhood hobby persists as strong as ever. You will find many aquariums in his home dedicated to the Mochokid catfish of Africa, a fascinating group of species that ... more >

Ian Fuller

Ian Fuller
Ian's first fish house took shape in 1977. It was a sectioned-off part of his garage, which housed 36 - 18 x 18 x 12 inch tanks. It was then that he started seriously breeding Corydoras, a project that still continues to this day in what is now his third fish house. To date, Ian has successfully spawned and raised more than seventy species of Corydoradine Catfish ... more >

Melanie Stiassny

Melanie's research at the Museum of Natural History focuses on the systematics and evolutionary morphology of tropical freshwater fish faunas ... more >

Ingo Seidel

Ingo Seidel
Above all, the fish fauna of the South American continent is one of Ingo's major interests. Starting with keeping cichlids, killies and livebearers, he soon found out that catfishes are his real passion ... more >



1:00pm Baltimore Aquarium Field Trip


8:00am Collecting Field Trip
7:00pm Ian Fuller, "Collecting Corys"
7:45pm Julian Dignall, "Suckers Around the World"
8:30pm Ingo Seidel, "Hypancistrus"
10:00pm - till ?? Spree on Three


9:30am Birger Kamprath, "Synodontis"
11:00am Hans Evers, "Brochis"
12:00pm Lunch
1:30pm Julian Dignall, "Collecting India"
3:00pm Ingo Seidel, "Whiptail Cats"
4:30pm Ian Fuller, "ID'ing Corys"
6:00pm Melanie Stiassny, "Congo Fishes"
8:00pm Banquet; Hans Evers, "Collecting Asia"


All-Day Auction



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